As per a report by NASSCOM, around 3.5 millions hardware and networking professionals are directly employed in India’s IT sector. The figure proves the importance of these experts in IT companies, business organizations as well as establishments in the domains like finance and banking, education, healthcare and so on. Here is a quick overview of their roles that are vital in hassle-free operations of these organizations:

Why we are different
from others

Design/assemble/recommend computer hardware for different needs in an organization & Design and deploy networks as per the needs of the organizations

Configuring network devices like modems, routers, switches etc. & Ensure hardware’s compatibility with software systems

Optimize computer hardware’s performance and monitor network performance & Provide support to technicians and other IT employees

Troubleshoot issues related to hardware and network & Monitor network security and prevent all possible threats & Provide hardware and network maintenance support

Tech Explica is one of the leading destinations for computer hardware and networking training and certification courses that provide all necessary skills and knowledge to those anticipating a promising career in the field. Our courses cover the fundamentals of hardware and networking as well as advanced skills that are imparted using hands-on training and lab sessions. We take the pride in offering CCNA, CCNP and other similar certifications that are in great demand in the job market.

Who Can Join Computer Hardware and Networking Courses?

Tech Explica is approached by a number of individuals who take interest in computer hardware and networking jobs. Our courses are designed in a way that we make it possible for a variety of aspirants to join them. These include:

  • Students who have completed their 10+2 and want to gain expertise in a field while pursuing further studies
  • Entry-level graduates from any field or background and willing to become hardware and networking specialists
  • Non-technical individuals who wish to pursue a successful career in IT and computer fields
  • Computer/IT technicians who wish to become certified professionals in hardware and networking fields
  • IT professionals who wish to migrate from their traditional job positions
  • Business managers who want to gain hardware and networking skills to add more value to their organizations’ IT infrastructures

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Computer hardware and networking specialists are expected to be skilful to ensure that the organizational setups work smoothly. Our computer hardware and networking training programs help in developing skills like:


  • Basics of microprocessors, electronics, computer peripherals, motherboards etc.
  • Hardware assembling, installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) design, installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Network architecture, protocols, topologies etc.
  • Routing technologies
  • Network security including firewalls
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) installation
  • Network address translation (NAT), internet protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  • Windows OS, Linux Operating System and more

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

Tech Explica has always come up with professional learning courses that are designed to fulfil the current and future demands of various industries. For computer hardware and network courses, we offer:

  • Updated curriculum and industry-relevant course content based on latest developments in the field
  • Live demonstrations regarding hardware and networking components, installation, configuration etc.
  • Real-life examples to teach the possible challenges and problems and ways to handle them
  • Assignments, project works and assessments that promote skill building

What Makes Computer Hardware and Networking Certification Important?

Without certification in computer hardware and networking, there are less chances of:

  • Impressing potential employers with your resume
  • Developing concrete skills and knowledge
  • Gain exposure to job roles and duties
  • Earn the standards salary packages
  • Beat the competition

Why Choose Tech Explica for Computer Hardware and Networking Courses?

If you are looking for the best courses in computer hardware and networking, Tech Explica is the right choice for you. This is because we:

  • Are recognized for providing industry-relevant training and certifications
  • Have the best-in-class experts as instructors
  • Offer the right advice and placement assistance
  • Provide the carefully designed learning material
  • Are available in long term to help your career to grow

Computer hardware and networking jobs offer respect, competitive salaries and opportunities to progress. Don’t delay and call us to enrol with one of our courses.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Computer Hardware and Networking Courses?

Computer hardware and networking certification with Tech Explica will make you eligible for job positions with employers from all industrial domains, including IT and non-IT domains. Even a small business house or organization needs these professionals to take care of their IT infrastructure. So, you will be working as:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.