•   Course Duration: 45 days/4-8 weeks
  • Suitable For: B.Tech / B.E. / BCA / B.Sc(IT) / M.Sc(IT) / Polytechnic.

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Big Data Hadoop

Big data along with analytics and data science constitute a thriving industry which is expected to attain the worth of $16 billion by 2025 in India. It means an impressive 8 times growth from $2.3 billion for the year 2017-18. By the start of 2019, the country has 200,000 data analysts including big data Hadoop professionals. Before moving ahead, let’s understand big data and Hadoop in brief.

Big Data is nothing but voluminous amount of structured and unstructured data generated every second. For example, messages, reviews, comments, images, videos etc. posted on social media are the important sources of big data. By collecting, analyzing, interpreting and utilizing big data, businesses and organizations gain valuable insights that help in processes like developing new products, services and businesses, creating improved customer experiences, detecting frauds and managing risks, generating new revenue streams and more.

Hadoop is an open-source software from Apache that allows storage, computation and utilization of big data. Big data Hadoop professionals, therefore, are the sough-after experts who develop applications to perform these tasks. For better understanding of why these professionals are in so much demand, let’s have a look at what they can do for different industrial domains:

  • Recommendation engines, path to purchase, trend forecasting and price optimization in retail industry.
  • Monitoring patient vitals, electronic health record management, real-time alerting and fraud prevention in healthcare industry.
  • Customer segmentation and product positioning, personalized banking, risk management and fraud detection and prevention in finance and banking industry.
  • Personalized ads, localized advertising, relevant content creation, customer sentiment and behaviour analysis, predictive support and more in advertising industry and more.

Tech Explica keeps pace with the growing industry demands through its big data Hadoop training and certification courses. We design courses that impart professional skills required for industry-relevant job positions that are being created in huge volumes.

  • Here students get wide array of elementary and specialty Training courses needed by top-tier industrial owners, manufacturing, and technical organizations.
  • Both Pass-out and pursuing IT students are eligible to join here.
  • This training program runs for 4 to 6 weeks as per requirement of the University.
  • Both short terms and long term internship programs are available.
  • Senior Programmers share their knowledge and skill with students. Hence, no single error will be remaining throughout project development.
  • Inclusive consideration for a better project development career.
  • Globally accepted training for CSE, IT, EC, EE,EEE, Mechanical and Civil students.
  • Opportunities of most advanced technologies like IOT, AI, ML, Hadoop or many more.
  • Seamless assimilation within the Mind-Sight training and cms development is truly   possible.
  • Get in touch with HR department of TECH EXPLICA.

Who Can Join Big Data Hadoop Courses?

  • Under graduates looking for career in industry as data analytics after completion of degree
  • Fresh graduates looking for career as data analytics, specifically big data analytics
  • Software developers looking for switch from traditional to big data domain
  • Data analytic experts who wish to switch to big data realm
  • Project managers and program managers willing to up their skills
  • Professionals in data management, business intelligence and other similar fields
  • IT professionals looking for a switch from traditional profiles to big data positions

What Skills/Competencies Do You Develop?

  • Introduction to big data and Hadoop
  • Understanding of Hadoop ecosystem which consists of components like MapReduce, Sqoop, Spark, Impala, Pig, Hive, Flume, Yarn, HBase and more
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), data storage, HDFS designing
  • Data ingestion, parallel processing, data analysis, resource management, cluster architecture and other concepts
  • Hadoop application development, coding, testing and deployment

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

  • Build in-depth knowledge of various big data and Hadoop concepts irrespective of your past or present expertise and background
  • Real-life projects that provide practical knowledge about the use of big data Hadoop in various domains like travel, finance, banking, healthcare, retail, advertising, social media, e-commerce, telecommunications and more
  • Learn the global standards and practices of big data industry that would help you attain a professional outlook
  • Exposure to data analytical skills along with approach to tackle various big data challenges and problems

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Big Data Hadoop Courses?

Tech Explica prepares big data Hadoop professionals for a number of important industry-relevant job positions that include:

  • Hadoop developer
  • Hadoop architect
  • Hadoop engineer
  • Hadoop analyst
  • Hadoop administrator
  • Hadoop tester
  • Data scientist
  • Data engineers
  • Data analysts

What Makes Big Data Hadoop Certification Necessary? (With HPE Certification)

Training and certification in big data Hadoop makes one professionally skilled as the above-mentioned positions require comprehensive knowledge and exposure that an amateur would lack. With our big data Hadoop courses, you would:

  • Present yourself as a big data professional with complete understanding of concepts related to Hadoop.
  • Attract top employers from various domains to your resume that features you as a big data Hadoop trained and certified professional.
  • Be eligible for the top salaries and perks available in the big data industry which is currently facing shortage of professionals.
  • Develop an overall personality with qualities like teamwork, communication skills, problem solving and more that are essential for success in the field.

Why Choose Tech Explica for Big Data Hadoop Courses?

Tech Explica is one of the leading names for professional courses in data analytics and big data domains. Some of the benefits you enjoy with us are:

  • Instructor-led classroom learning with the best big data and data science faculty as instructors.
  • Industry-relevant course content with latest in big data and Hadoop with frequent advancements.
  • Counselling and guidance for everything, from course selection and certification preparation to interview preparation to placement and more.
  • Learn at the right pace and take advantage of our easily available support.

Big data Hadoop is a golden opportunity if you wish to make it big in your career. Contact us right now for more course details.


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